Machine Screw

Machine Screw Machine screws, also sometimes referred to as machine bolts, usually can come in larger variations. Typically, machine screws are designed to be fastened to an existing tapped hole on a metal surface, usually in conjunction with a mating nut. Still, some machine screws have tapping ability to cut and thread a hole as …

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Tie Wire

Tie Wire       Tie Wire Rolls             Description Hole Gauge 3.2lbs/roll, Black Annealed Tie Wire, 20 rolls/Carton Round/Square 16/16.5 3.5lbs/roll, Black Annealed Tie Wire, 20 rolls/Carton Round/Square 16/16.5 100lbs, Black Annealed Tie Wire, Roll Round 9 100lbs, Black Annealed Tie Wire, Roll Round 11 100lbs, Black Annealed Tie …

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Concrete Screw

Concrete Screw Concrete screw anchor is a threaded anchor available with either a flat or a hexagon washer head screwed into a predrilled hole where threads create a mechanical interlock with the concrete or masonry material. The threads are case hardened and either are notched or have a high-low thread configuration to ease cutting and …

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Framing Staples

Framing Staples Some staple sizes are used more commonly than others, depending on the application required. Some companies have unique staples just for their products. Staples from one manufacturer may or may not fit another manufacturer’s unit even if they look similar and serve the same purpose. Staples are often described as X/Y (e.g. 24/6 …

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Chicken Mesh

Chicken Mesh

Chicken Mesh Chicken wire, or poultry netting, is a mesh of wire commonly used to fence in fowl, such as chickens, in a run or coop. It is made of thin, flexible, galvanized steel wire with hexagonal gaps. Available in 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) diameter, 2 inch (about 5 cm) and 1/2 inch (about …

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Drywall Screw

Drywall Screw Drywall screws are usually bugle head screws with spaced threads and sharp points. Classified by the pitch of thread, there are two common kinds of drywall screw threads: fine thread and coarse thread. The drywall screw equipped with drilling point is used for attach metal studs.             Drywall …

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Plastic Fence

Plastic Fence

Plastic Fence A synthetic fence, plastic fence or (when made of vinyl) vinyl or PVC fence is a fence made using synthetic plastics, such as vinyl (PVC), polypropylene, nylon, polythene (polyethylene) ASA, or from various recycled plastics. Composites of two or more plastics can also be used to increase strength and UV stability of a …

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Nails In woodworking and construction, a nail is a small object made of metal (or wood, called a tree nail or “trunnel”) which is used as a fastener, as a peg to hang something, or sometimes as a decoration. Generally, nails have a sharp point on one end and a flattened head on the other, …

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Collated Screw

Collated Screw Collated screws are made of hardened carbon steel or stainless steel. They can be used for metal, plastic and fiberglass roofing applications. Different screw points can be used for both metal and wood structures. The coarse tapping thread and a sharp point is perfect for use with timber battens, or self-drilling point for …

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Hanging Wire

Hanging Wire

Hanging Wire A wire is a flexible strand of metal. Wire is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate. Wire gauges come in various standard sizes, as expressed in terms of a gauge number. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads, often in the form of wire …

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